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Shred it

Über die Bildsprache einer Subcultur.

Bachelor thesis  \ Video  \ Installation

Shred it is about the visual language of a subculture. Its about snowboarding, skateboarding, longboarding, surfing and all the other awesome things you can do with an board and your surrounding. Lay back! …

… Board sports (snowboarding, skateboarding, longboarding, surfing, etc.) are everywhere and it’s hard to imagine pop culture without them, but what are the influences that affect and emanate from board sports? What is the visual language of the various board sports? In this bachelor thesis, I use various photographic and filmic methods to show the visual language of board sports without depicting a pure skate video. The work is about the visualization of emotions and feelings realated to a subculture.

The film works with own material as well as with found material. The voice recordings in the film were made as part of various expert interviews for the theoretical part of the thesis.

The work was shown as a room installation, therefore the film was projected onto a wooden ramp used for skating. The colour, shape, grain, smell and feel of the wood and the concrete floor work through the projection and support the feel of the work.

The Bachelor-Thesis was supervised by Prof. Karin Jobst, Prof. Dirk Wachowiak

Special thanks to

The Video creator Sebastian Linda \ Hartmut Olpp from Hackbrett Longboards and Layback Skateshop