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Rhapsodische Maschinen

Der Entwurfsprozess als archäologische Methode.

Master Thesis  \ Multimedia installation  \ Artistic Research

This thesis constructs a rhapsodic machine. It does so by giving its fragments a body by interconnecting. Rather than creating a rhizomatic assemblage, it develops an Gerät (apparatus).

The Gerät serves as the foundation of a Entwurfsprozess (design process), which centers around the following two programmatic and poetic questions:

  • Is it feasible to excavate oneself?
  • How will we manage to unearth the things we dream(ed) of?

The questions are self-reflective. The design process should create Denkbilder (mental images) in order to clarify and elucidate the Standpunkt (standpoint) of an artistic research.

View of the colloquium exhibition
Machine: Sammler

The written part of the thesis

The written text, along with the objects designed in relation to it, is considered part of the artistic practice.

The Book


The Master-Thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Anke Haarmann and Prof. Stefan Stefanescu

Special thanks to

all the wonderful humans who supported me in the process. Feedback, proof reading, listening… Thank you!