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Der Andere und der Gleiche

Questioning the authenticity of stories and images.

Photography  \ Exhibition

In this untitled work the artist questions the authenticity of images. Whom belongs the image, whom the story? Is the recipient or the author the creator of the story - and who is the author anyway? Those are the question the artists wants to raise by the viewer. …

… The work is untitled for a reason: the (un)told story is up to the recipient because the artist doesn’t know it neither. The images shown are found images and the photographer as well as the photographed persons are unknown.

The found images are supplemented with photographs by Yannic, which were shown on a bench in front of the found images. Those images reflect the possible postures a person could make on a trip to a beach but only shows a studio space. The studio space is the same place where the exhibition takes place. The images try to reflect and imitate the found images, but question their authenticity. The images that were made in the studio are the only ones we know the backstory and that are even connected to the exhibition space.

About the group exhibition

The exhibition ‘The Other and the Same’ (L’Autre et le même / Der Andere und der Gleiche) shows different approaches to the concept of portrait from contemporary photography. All photographers share their origins in the Baden region of the Black Forest, even if they now live and work successfully in London, Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich and Karlsruhe.

Duration of exhibition: 18.06 – 31.07.2016
Location: Kunsthaus L6, Lameystr. 6, 79108 Freiburg

Artists in the Exhibition

Axel Hoedt, Sara-Lena Maierhofer, Anne-Sophie Stolz, Katrin Bauer, Yannic Heintzen


Karin Jobst completed her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) at the HFBK Hamburg with Silke Grossmann and Wim Wenders and her diploma in photography at the FH Bielefeld with Katharina Bosse with a scholarship from the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin. Karin Jobst lives and works in Hamburg, Freiburg and the USA. Since 2011 she has been an appointed member of the German Photographic Academy, DFA. Karin Jobst has been a professor of photography and moving images at the University of Art, Design and Music, HKDM in Freiburg since 2012.


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Vernissage photographer: Rika Schneider