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We're drowning in the chaos of possibilities. Too much that needs to be said. But how? There's only one thing that helps: dive down - immerse yourself, surf in the public pool. …

… The pool for tools to become public. — What actually is the public sphere and how is it generated? How can I as an individual or we as a group get a message out to people? There are far more possibilities than you think. We have collected the best, strangest and most exciting tools for you. We want to inspire and activate people to do it themselves.

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The website is a project of the Master's students in Communication Design at HAW Hamburg. The project was created in the winter semester 19/20 under the supervision of Prof. Stefan Stefanescu and Prof. Dr. Anke Haarmann.


Paul Eslage, Johanna Flachsenberg, Deborah Flierl, Yannic Heintzen, Marinus Klinksik, Stephan Kraus, Sophie Loewenhardt, Ronja Overländer, Pia Schröer, Tom-Lucas Säger, Felix Zepke

Dive into the public-pool.de


Yannic Heintzen, Tom-Lucas Säger

Fonts used

Boogie School Sans by Or Type


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