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Corbusier Revisited

Corbusier Revisited


We first set foot on the Weissenhof estate[1] in June 2015 with the intent to learn more about its architectural statement and past as a Deutscher Werkbund exhibition back in 1927. It soon felt like we were repeating what was already known about this place: the functional forms, the use of colour and light within the Le Corbusier[2] building. …

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… This is why we decided to publish a selection of contact sheets in the form of a photo zine to make our process of looking at the architectural interiors/exteriors visible. By focusing on three alternative approaches which capture the architecture of Le Corbusier‘s duplex and its visitors, the exhibition CORBUSIER REVISITED and its accompanying art zine do not solely illustrate the exterior appearance of this estate, but much rather point out subjective experiences and encounters during several visits to Le Corbusier‘s heritage and its surroundings.

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Page Mockup CORBUSIER REVISITED is based on the book "Thanks for the View, Mr. Mies, Lafayette Park, Detroit 2012".

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Artists / Macher·innen

Katrin Bauer, Yannic Heintzen, Marvin Maurer


The Photo Zine was Printed in a limited edition and sewed by hand. Zine layout was made by Marvin Maurer. Every handmade edition included a high-pigment-ink Munken C-print of the CORBUSIER REVISITED exhibition Weissenhofsiedlung, Stuttgart 2016.


view the zine on vimeo.com

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